We can offer you the following at very competitive prices:-

Web Site Design
Web site design and maintenance - only 25 per hour.
If you need advice in deciding how we can help you, we are simply a phone call or email away.
We have added a simple checklist to assist you in deciding what your needs are and how we may be of service to you.

Web Site Hosting
Web site hosting - 52 per domain per year.
Multiple domains pointing at your main web site - 10 per domain.

Domain Name Registration
For '.co.uk, .ltd.uk, .org.uk' domains - 16.99 for two years
'.com, .org, .net' domains  - 23.99 for two years or 16.99 per year.
Other domain extensions available on request.

The following domains have recently been registered or renewed by ourselves for clients:

Email, Spam and Viruses
Our email server automatically bounces any mails containing viruses in attachments ending in *.bat, *.ceo, *.pif, *.scr and *.vbs. 
We also have ways of preventing spam bots from finding your email address on your web site.
Please note that we do allow *.exe attachments through but these are easy to check before opening.

Secure Servers
Perl Script Form Based Secure Server 75 per year.
Online Secure Order Form 75 subject to your specifications. Also discounts apply to additional forms.

The following sites have been designed or hosted by us:

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